Ran across this great story from CNN on a New York gourmet catering service that is utilizing Twitter to update customers and followers on everything from the hours of operation, to specials, even WHERE the truck will be at any given moment!

I just have to say “Brilliant!”
(Feed readers and Facebookers may need to click this link to see the video.)

“Anyone up for lunch…  the truck is on the corner of 3rd and Lexington until 2:00pm…” Of course, that’s in New York City, so, unless you live in NYC, “NO SOUP FOR YOU…”

Being from Central Iowa, what I can take away (other than may favorite corned beef on rye) is the idea that the ol’ “Brick n’ Mortar” businesses, even restaurants, have a unique advantage communicating with Twitter.

  1. How do you let loyal clients know about unique, on-the-spot promotions?
  2. If you’re a delivery service, how could you enhance customer loyalty?
  3. Got more?

Here’s a few “local” Twitter accounts I follow that have the start to a great Twitter/customer service plan going.  If you’re around, feel free to follow ’em.

@Pancheros – Regional Mexican specialty chain that uses Twitter to promote specials, events and answer customer inquiries.

@Dos_Rios – A local restaurant that sends multiple tweets per day on specials, unique recipe ideas and events at their location.

@Templetonrye – A recently resurrected whisky distiller that promotes it’s product via Twitter, as well as announce events and locations they can be found.

Hmmmmmmm…  Real food for thought.  Who in your area is using Twitter?  Are they using it to it’s best abilityGet the word out about your favorite food/Twitter account…

Because, after all, I Will Tweet For Food…

Keep Cooking!
Andrew B. Clark
The Brand Chef

  1. Pancheros twittered this morning about queso sounding good…guess what I had for lunch?

    • Knowing you? Jimmy Johns… LOL

      But that is my point… Tweet and Ye Shall Receive. Did you wake up hungry for Pancheros? Maybe, Maybe not…

      Any company that may have announcements or updates that happen on a daily (or even more often) basis would benefit from Social Media Marketing through Twitter and other resources. It’s our challenge, as marketers, to make those channels “less intimidating” for those clients.