(Here’s a little insight on The Brand Chef’s personal brand)

In person, I thank people profusely – almost annoyingly, for the littlest things (that extra roll on my tray at Panera – thank you). But in my blog, through Twitter, and FriendFeed, I tend to talk too much without stopping to say, “Wow, thanks for the inspiration, trust, hope, friendship, faith… whatever.”

So, below is a list of people I’d like to just simply send a BIG Brand Chef hug out to. Without these people, the TRUE Brand of The Brand Chef (Andrew B. Clark) wouldn’t exist.

  • Mike Sansone“The Blogfather” I had a hard time trying to figure out if this hug went into the professional or personal category. Mike has been a friend and an inspiration. I look forward to learning from him on so many levels – it’s frightening.
  • Mark True“The Brand Warrior” Mark is also a friend and a mentor. He started me on this journey to becoming The Brand Chef. I revel in his success and marvel at his passion.
  • Mike Wagner – For opening my eyes with my first book – a journey that will never end, my friend.
  • Everyone at Love Scott & Associates – For having faith in me when I didn’t.

Blogs I make sure I visit (almost) daily:

Personal HUGs go to:

  • Sharon Clark (my wife) @sharclark36 – for obvious reasons – but most of all for making my heart sing.
  • My kids… Duh.
  • My Parents – ALL of them. — One Mom, One Dad, One Step-dad, Two Step-moms.
  • My brothers and sisters – count the parents and average that x2yikes. (here’s just two of them: Pat – @pclark66 and Adam – @bigfoottattoo)

Without ALL of you, my personal brand would be nothing.

If you’re not on the list and think you should be (I know I’ve forgotten a BUNCH of people), then let me know… I’m feeling pretty huggie today…

BIG HUGS from The Brand Chef!

Keep Cooking!
Andrew B. Clark
The Brand Chef

P.S. — I wrote this post in complete contrast to last week’s post. It may be due to the ample amount of caffeine to lack of sleep ratio that I’m working on right now. Or maybe it’s because I’m streaming Johnny Nash’s “I Can See Clearly Now” through my last.fm library. Who knows? But I thought today would be a good day to send out a BIG Brand Chef hug to some of those that – simply putDESERVE it.

God Bless.

  1. Hug to you too Andrew. (It took me a while to get up the nerve to write that after seeing the Teletubbies pic.)

    I’m honored that I could be on your daily reads list.

    Btw – I enjoy your cooking regularly.

  2. Hey Chris!

    Great to have you back in the kitchen.

    Sorry about the Teletubbies pic… it’s an ongoing joke in the Clark household, so I thought it fairly innocuous… So, please, no questioning my intentions (nor manhood) for using the image…

    On another note – thanks for the comment. Thanks for YOUR blog. Thanks for helping me sustain this process of self education. You make me think and you make the blogosphere a better place.

    Have a GREAT day!
    Keep Cooking!

  3. Thanks for the hug Andrew!

    And here’s one back to you…in a manly yet Teletubbie sort of way.

    Always honored to be part of the big conversations with you.

    Keep creating…with abandon,

  4. Thanks again, Mike — I owe you at least that much…

    Keep Cooking!

  5. Thanks for including me in your recipe box, my friend! It’s always good to hear from you…

  6. Hey Steve —

    Although I’m rarely awake for your 5AM posts, it’s been a great honor to have been included…

    Hope all is well and thanks again for the continued inspiration!

    Keep Cooking!

  7. Hi Andrew!

    It’s been fun following you on twitter and wanted to check into your blog further tonight. I love that you took a minute to thank those that helped you on your way! You just made their day!


  8. Hi Amber!

    Thanks for coming to the conversation. And thanks for the continued support through Twitter.

    It’s often forgotten. And it’s often the most important thing to do, but thanking people should be more prevalent these days…

    So… THANK YOU!

    Keep Cooking!
    Andrew B. Clark
    -The Brand Chef