A lot of people tease me because I’m “Always On.” If I’m not in the office, I can usually be found through any number of social media channels.  Whether it’s my Twitter page, my check-ins on Foursquare or my Facebook page; it’s not very hard to find me – for good or bad.

This last week, though, I decided I’d take a vacation. You know, the “relaxing, kick-back-n-nap by the pool kind of week” that many of us need to recharge the branding battery and focus.  Well, this is what I did…

I cleaned. Boy did I clean.  My house looks like we just moved in.
I gardened.
It finally stopped raining in central Iowa, so I pulled about 100 lbs of weeds and found that my garden still survived underneath it all…
I played with the kids.
I have three great kids that are on Summer vacation, so after I made them help me weed and clean, we had some quality family time.  Movies. Fireworks. Carnivals. Dinners out…

It really was a great week!

But I couldn’t stay away from social media, work and talking about branding. I tweeted and used social media to coordinate projects for work.  I scheduled meetings.  I went to business and sales improvement seminars…  (relaxing?) My coworkers tease me, but maybe this will show them that I should get MORE vacation days. I seem to be pretty darn productive when I’m not sitting at my desk.  🙂

One of the activities I’m VERY proud of accomplishing this week was going on-air for the first time in 20 years with Michael Libbie and his Insight On Business webcast that airs daily at http://www.webcastliveone.com We talked branding, business, social media, banking, cause marketing and general current events.  I had a blast!

Below is the stream.  You may need to jump forward a minute-or-so to get through the set up, but it’s well worth the watch.  Maybe I’ll do more of these in the future!  🙂 (click here for the video in FaceBook and Feed readers)

Watch live streaming video from desmoineslocallive at livestream.com

Thanks again to Michal Libbie (@MichaelLibbie on Twitter). I had a great time. I hope to do it again soon.

Until next time –

Keep Cooking (great relationships and education for your community)!
Andrew B. Clark
The Brand Chef

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