Now, this post may not apply to all of you, but for those that recognize this guy… read on.

Web Site Rule #32:
A web site is a living thing – one that needs constant love and attention.

Okay, you’ve been in business for a few good years now and you’ve got a lot invested. You work – tirelessly – day-after-day on contacts, leads, sales and tracking reports, inventory, contracts, and employees. On top of that, there are the books to worry about. Heck, tax time just passed and now your accountant has informed you that you have to focus on that sheltered annuity for next year. And who is going to take out that darn trash? Exhausting, isn’t it?

So, we should understand why you haven’t updated your website since 1996.


As your company has evolved and grown, I’m sure the effort you’ve taken to provide your customers with the best service and products possible has been your #1 priority. But attention to marketing, especially your web site, its content, and functionality has fallen to the wayside. And it shows. You may not have realized it, but, as your company has grown and changed, the Internet has as well.

Whether it’s lack of time, lack of interest, some bizarre techno-phobia or simply forgetfulness, you can’t successfully take advantage of the Internet with a website that has been neglected for years.

With a professionally updated website, along with the benefit of a credible online presence that reflects your company’s TRUE brand, you can utilize the ever-growing supply of online marketing tools.

The right website can:

  • Help customers find you and your product/service
  • Be a lead-generation tool
  • Build a community around your brand
  • Connect you/your clients to resources for product/service augmentation
  • Entertain (GOD forbid)
  • and soooo much more!

You’re not dead, so why should your web site and marketing materials look it? Don’t let time pass you by. Because time hasn’t been so friendly, friend.

Is the age of your website and other marketing tools properly representing your brand. If you updated last time Abe was on T.V. I’d be willing to say NOPE!

Food for thought.

Keep Cooking!