With last week’s death of Oscar Mayer, I had more than one friend call or contact me asking if I remembered the old television ads we grew up with – OF COURSE I DID! They were fun.  They literally made ME (and in-turn, my mom) want to buy Oscar Mayer bologna (and hot dogs).

Some 20-odd years later (maybe more), as an “advertising professional” I think back on these spots and say, “That’s what we need to do for our clients. Create indelible brand impressions that form decade-long advocates of the brand.” (Man, I just made my life’s work sound geeky.) To this day, I find myself picking Oscar Mayer products over any others I may find in the meat case.  And I attribute my decisions on those great commercials from my childhood.

So below, are a few commercials that made this particular kid sit up and pay attention…  What commercials do you remember affecting you as a child (and subsequently impacting your adult buying decisions)?

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O-S-C-A-R  M-A-Y-E-R

Where’s The Beef?

I’ve Fallen, And I Can’t Get Up

Don’t Squeeze The Charmin

Tidy Bowl Man (Thanks, Rich… I looked for years, too)

There were SO MANY more…

Let’s keep this conversation going.  What commercials made early branding impressions on you? Have they lasted into your adult life?

Food for thought.

Keep Cooking!
Andrew B. Clark
The Brand Chef

  1. “Mikey Likes It”. Life is my favorite cereal to this day.

    • Mikey was on the list, but got edited due to “too many food” spots…

      So have you ever wonder what my childhood looked like? Food, Food, Toilets, and falling down… wow. Quite the commentary on my childhood…

      Thanks, Andrea. Good to have you in the kitchen!