iowa_blizzard_brandThis post is for my fellow Midwesterners that have, over the last 60 hours, braved the cold, wind and driving snow from one of the worst blizzards seen in this area in almost a decade.

Last time Iowa had snow like Tuesday and Wednesday’s storm was 1992. I was still cuddled warm in my dorm room at Coe College and didn’t see the need to venture out in the gale winds.  We had plenty of TopRamen,  plenty of Keystone Light, and cable television to keep up safe, warm and entertained for the two days we were snowed into our dorms.  Heck, I didn’t even need to shower if I didn’t feel the urge (although roommates made it evidently clear that one was needed.)

This time, circumstances were different. I’m now a “bonafied” grown-up with responsibilities like a family, home, and a real job.  I have a mortgage to pay, I have children to protect and keep warm and fed.  I even have a dog that needs to be cared for – a long leap from the last blizzard that crippled the area.

So, how did I get through it this time?

Winter-time brands, baby…

Here are 16 brands I’d like to thank for getting me through “Death Storm 2009:” 🙂

  • Jeep – My trusty Liberty was sideways a few times, but that was probably operator error … probably?
  • ToroWithout my trusty snow blower, I would STILL be shoveling through the 4′ drifts.  I *heart* Toro!
  • Old Navy – “Economical” Winter coat…  ’nuff said.
  • Thinsulate – mmmm…  toasty warm snow pants for the kids (and dad).
  • Encore Movie Channelswhat a great way to decompress from 4 hours of pushing snow…  some mindless classics (Die Hard, Step Brothers, and soooo many more…)
  • Cartoon Network & Nickelodeonalthough the kids spent most of the time outside (crazy!)
  • Apple Computerswithout = SOCIAL MEDIA PANIC…  No blog Posts!  No Twitter? No Facebook? The end of civilization as we know it!  Cats and Dogs living together…  complete, mass-hysteria!
  • Pillsburytwo words: Christmas Cookies!
  • Pork – The Other White MeatThe kids and I made “home-made” pizza… Between you and me, nothing goes better on pizza than oodles of Italian pork sausage!
  • SkittlesCan you say “Taste The Rainbow?” and, no they didn’t go on the pizza… dessert…  ?
  • TownHouse Crackersa perfect part of a late-night snack… (kickn’ Web site as well!)
  • Shullsburg Cheeseand what else to top those crackers?  Say Cheese!  And they’re a Midwestern brand to boot!
  • KCCI TV8my favorite weather tracking team…
  • Iowa DOTthe folks in those big, yellow trucks that kept burying the end of my driveway… but I’m DARN glad they’re there to get the city moving again!
  • Aspercream – ’cause I’m not 18 any more… (OR: go out strong and don’t let them see you limp back in.) 😛
  • Sertathe best way to end the day…

So, by the list, you can pretty much tell what I did over the last 60+ hours.  Brands defined my day…

What brands did you depend on to make it through the storm?  Were there some that you counted on more during the storm than any other day (Toro, Aspercream)?

Here’s hoping you all are happy, safe and warm. Just think…  this Winter just started.

Keep Cooking (warm thoughts)!
Andrew B. Clark
The Brand Chef

  1. Netfilx, their online movies were a big key to my day on Wednesday. I know ‘neighbor’ is not a brand, but my neighbor was a big time help with his trusty snowblower…although I don’t know which brand it was.

  2. What a creative way to be productive on a crazy snow day! And since it looks like the weather is going to continue to conspire to keep us at home your inspiration is greatly appreciated.

    • aaagh… no more snow days, Tammy! I can’t handle it (neither can my back)!

      Stay Warm!