Have you ever wondered how I became The Brand Chef? It’s not a story I tell often, but in a recent  interview with Johnny Wright (Twitter: @unsecretshopper), better known as The UnSecret Shopper the TRUTH was revealed.

The request came out of the blue (proof of building a good personal brand), but after a few Twitter direct messages and a phone call-or-two, I decided Johnny had some great things to talk about and was very interested in learning more about The Brand Chef, marketing strategies and generally what I do… (go figure). 🙂

In 19 short minutes, we covered everything from marketing strategies, social media marketing, customer service (which Johnny is brilliant at, by the way), and we even talked a little about how I became The Brand Chef!

Here’s a link to his post of his full 1-hour show.  Or you can listen to just my interview below.


The Brand Chef and Johnny Wright – The Unsecret Shopper Interview 7/24/10

Again, I’d like to thank Johnny Wright for taking the time and giving me the honor of being on his show.  It was a great conversation and I look forward to hearing / seeing more from him in the future!

Keep Cooking!
Andrew B. Clark
The Brand Chef

Johnny Wright can also be heard on 1350 AM, KRNT radio  in Des Moines Iowa.  Every Saturday at 8 AM.  Check it out!

  1. Great interview boss. “Bi-Polar in a good way”. Interviews shows your depth of background, art vs. analytics, realistic approach, TRUE branding process…etc. Love it.

    • It’s that “Communicator” in me… give me a chance to tell you ANYTHING and I will… I may even know what I’m talking about!



  2. Great story Andrew as well as a great conversation about marketing!

    • THANKS Jeffrey!

      It was a great interview and gave me an opportunity to actually talk through my OWN persoanl branding. Very cathartic. Very eye-opening!

      Hope to see more of you ’round the kitchen!

      Keep Cooking!
      Andrew B. Clark
      The Brand Chef