I (The Brand Chef) have been given the honor of being picked as one of the stops on the Post 2 Post Book Tour coming up July 14th through the 18th.

As my head drops with the “Aw Shucks…” kick of a pebble, I have to confess I’m truly humbled and thrilled to be included in the tour for the novel “Jack’s Notebook” by Gregg Fraley.

“Jack’s Notebook” (as summarized on Amazon.com):

“Jack Huber dreams of being a professional photographer and starting his own business. He has a few ideas but doesn’t know how to process them to make his dream a reality. That is until an unlikely mentor stumbles upon Jack’s path and shares a whole new way of thinking through problems.”

The tour schedule for “Jack’s Notebook” makes stops at some truly great sites – some I’ve subscribed to for some time and others I look forward to experiencing far into the future.

Mon, July 14
Education Innovation, by Rob Jacobs

Tue, July 15
The Naked Idea, by John Lepp

Wed, July 16
Marketing Fresh Peel, by Chris Wilson

Thur, July 17

and Fri, July 18
The Brand Chef, by Andrew Clark

For those of you unfamiliar with the Post 2 Post Book Tour; Paul Williams, over at Idea Sandbox, developed a web-based book tour that has featured some of the best titles and authors found in marketing, branding, and creativity (past and present) – covering topics from brainstorming and brand building to strategy and creative problem solving. Just a sampling of some of the authors he’s had on tour include Roger von Oech, Dan Roam, Kathy Cramer and Hank Wasiak, and the ubiquitous Seth Godin.

With that, I find myself in some amazing company and bracing for the challenge. So, please check back to The Brand Chef on the 18th for a full review and some conversation about “Jack’s Notebook.” It should prove to be inspiring (for me) and interesting for everyone.

And until next time…

Keep Cooking!

  1. Andrew –
    What a great honor-It speaks volumes about what you do as a blogger. I love the idea of a web book tour! Keep mixing it up-I look forward to reading and learning more!

  2. Thanks Angela! It’s a great extension to blogging in that we get readers reading more than 500 to 1000 word posts and creating conversation from it. Hopefully it gets one more reader moving (mentally) out there…

    Thanks for stopping by the kitchen. I appreciate the input.

    Keep Cooking!