I don’t know about you, but I’ve actually sat in on marketing strategy meetings that went a little like this…
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Challenging economy? Intimidating competition?

Sure, it’s hard to “do it yourself” when the heat is turned up. But PLEASE! Before you resort to selling Kitty’s muffins at your next SALE-Abration, contact a professional.

Food for thought…

Keep Cooking! (meaningful marketing)
Andrew B. Clark
-The Brand Chef

  1. Loved this post and watched the Jetblue videos several times. Keeping a light hearted attitude during bad economic times shows that your brand can rise above

  2. Hi Brian… thanks so much for stopping by and commenting.

    Yes. I’d have to agree that keeping things in perspective is valuable when trying times are upon us… I wonder how some companies can pull knee-jerk marketing communications decisions when there’s so much a stake.

    Create a logical, systematic path and… (I hate to quote Bush #1, but) “Stay the course.” Your brand will be stronger for it.

    Keep Cooking!
    Andrew B. Clark
    The Brand Chef