So you’ve had to tighten your belt. The cost of doing business is rising exponentially and you need to figure out how to stop the bleeding. Layoffs (God forbid) should be your last solution. You could walk around the office turning off lights and equipment like an obsessed father (yours truly). Or, (wait for it) you could trim your marketing budget and streamline media and print.

What? Did I just say that? YES!

A lot of marketing and communications companies are struggling with this concept. I say, instead of fighting the facts, solutions can be developed to economically and effectively maintain necessary communications for our clients. We’re creative, so let’s prove it!

I have two simple tactics that some “average” marketing and communications campaigns can use to trim marketing costs.

Marketing Trim Tactic #1: Save The Trees – Stop Global Warming!
How about saving on printing and mail services and converting your direct mail campaign to an e-mail campaign? Digital marketing is not only cost-effective but also completely trackable. How well does that postcard track?

Marketing Trim Tactic #2: Manage Your Media – Your Audience Doesn’t Watch “Knight Rider” at 3:AM!
Media exposure can be streamlined through popper management and negotiations with providers. If your rating points are in the neighborhood of 2600 to 3000 per month (for example), trim it back to 1750 to 2000 points and NEGOTIATE FOR THE PROGRAM NOT THE CHANNEL!

I’ve had a lot of conversations about the affect the economy is having on businesses lately. Some have acted on my suggestions. Others, a sad, defeated bunch, have gone to taking drastic measures like STOPPING marketing and communications efforts altogether.

My advice is to trim and streamline. DO NOT STOP! If you were to stop talking to your customers, how long would it take for a competitor to start a conversation? What would THAT cost you?

What are other ways you can think of to trim marketing and communications costs? Do you have a plan for continuing your current campaigns, start new ones, or has the economy forced you to make some alternative decisions? Let’s see if we can stir up some solutions!

Whatever you do…

Keep Cooking!