This post was originally published in a personal rant on Facebook.

After thinking about it, I decided to pull this post over to to push it to a point. This is a PERSONAL BRANDING issue if there ever was one.  Alex Rodriguez (“A-Rod”) and his doping scandal, as well as the rest of his doping fraternity, misunderstood, or never even learned how to manage their personal brand. Hence, affecting the outward, professional brand they have become so famous (and well-paid) for. They screwed up. They broke the rules. The lied. They disappointed and disillusioned millions of fans around the World and New York City *gasp*.

So, where does the responsibility lie?

From my perspective, NOT on A-Rod or the others for doping. The responsibility falls on us as consumers. Why? We as consumers built their brand.

alex rodriguez as a boy playing innocentlyYears ago, before the crowds, before the money, before “A-Rod,” Alex just wanted to play a game. It was little league, high school sports, parents, administrators, recruiters, managers coaches and trainers, fans, advocates, bookies, you and me that created the Idol.  And now, with gaping mouths and slacked jaws, we all look on wondering why, OH WHY did another of our beloved heroes (recall Lance Armstrong) lie and cheat?


For God’s sake, STOP.

Before to make your saint into a sinner, take a little sound Personal Brand advice.

Here’s my rant (the original post from Facebook) to those “Disappointed” in their fallen idol.

Ah yes, so you’re shocked and dismayed that another sports star, canonized by the media and the public turns out to be a flawed, error-rife human with insecurities and the inability to tell right from wrong. Was it the pressure to be perfect? Was it the need to please their disciples? Or was it that they were human? They were pushed into a situation of idolize that NO MAN (or woman) can live up to?

STOP putting public figures on pedestals. Stop expecting flawlessness from those in the limelight. They have a heart, a soul and a brain wired similarly, if not 99% identically to your own. They WILL be human. They WILL make mistakes, and you WILL be disappointed.

Instead, put the limelight on yourself. Live up to the standards you expect form these poor soles. Live an exceptional life. Perform at your best. Tell no lies. Be good to everyone. Pay attention to the things that matter more than box scores and odds.

You will be happier and the World will thank you.

I can go off and say “There are bigger things in the world to worry about than if A-Rod is doping…”  Syria, Civil Rights, Marrisa Mayer’s “hotness,” or even those kids down the street trying drugs for the first time …

I won’t. You decide what altar your Idol sits on.

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Andrew B. Clark
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