We all know that the pace of technology advancement is growing exponentially. Just to keep up with new innovation is a challenge for most companies, their marketers, advertisers, PR professionals, and yes, our educators.

A great link sent to me this morning brings into perspective the speed in which the technology shift is happening. Besides shedding light on the speed of change, it also made me realize that those educating our children may have the biggest challenge… but that’s another post…

So what do we, as marketers, advertisers, and public relations professionals do?

Some advertising and marketing companies have already taken steps to keep pace with the speed of innovation by releasing promotional materials, advertisements and press releases that tout the company’s future. As shown in this Adage Article and video commentary, some advertisers are even promoting products that have yet to be perfected – calling it “awareness prepping.” I’m still working out that one…

In a way, it’s our job to predict the future for our clients. Research, testing, focus groups, demographic studies all (we hope) lead us to a logical solution to promote out clients and their products. But as the speed of technology increases, do we push information out there in such a haste to “beet the clock?” Do we cut corners – make predictions that may put our clients
at risk?

Here are my questions to you.

1) Have you ever considered promoting a product before it had been completely proven, just to stay ahead of the curve?

2) And the big question… Can you predict the future?

Food for thought…

Keep Cooking!

Photo Credit: photo.net