It’s always been a terrifying time for me. Semester end – report card time. Although I was an “Above average” student, I knew I was a consummate under-achiever. As soon as my parents would get the report card I knew the questions would start…

I usually blamed my friends… sorry.

Well, now as an adult (technically), and somewhat accountable for my actions, I’ve been almost obsessed with tracking my work and grading progress and improvement. Whether it’s in client satisfaction or web ranking, I always want to know “how I’m doing” versus my last project (or my competition).

John Jantsch, over at Duct Tape Marketing has found a great way to grade your search engine ranking, and the SEO of all of your websites – AND your competitors!

Although this grading isn’t anything new, the reporting that you get back is clear and concise. I personally would like to tank John for pointing it out and making my job a little easier…

Please, take a look at his post, follow the link to see how your site(s) stack up…

Do you make the grade?

Then come back and let us know how you did. And how will you make changes to better your site?

In the meantime, Keep Cooking!

  1. Andrew,
    Thank you for sharing this neat tool. It’s fun knowing how you stack up, isn’t it?

    My blog scored a 45. Not bad I suppose. My Google Page Rank was a 3.

    Also, thank you for posting a link to my blog on your sidebar. I appreciate it. I will return the favor!

  2. Thanks Eric.

    Besides the “comparison” feature, I liked the report for the simple fact that it tells you where to improve. Often times, I make edits to my tags, listing, keywords, etc. just by reviewing analytics, but this tool really points out where improvements can be made.

    Have a great day! And Keep Cooking!

  3. HREF=”” REL=”nofollow”JobMob – my blog – scored an 89. Thanks for the link, the site had some useful tips too.

  4. That’s great. I certainly appreciate the tips received from the report as well. I have a hand full of sites that I’ve tested and compared, and they all have some updating that needed to be done.

    Welcome to the discussion.

    I’ll be off to check out your blog now… 😉

    Keep Cooking!