“Oh my God, that was the most boring presentation I’ve ever had the ill fortune to attend. And I really wanted to know more about {enter subject here}…”

Have you ever said anything like that? Have you ever picked up a brochure or searched out a specific topic on the Web with the intent of REALLY getting down to the exciting details and discovering relevant information? Have you ever arrived at that site, to virtually fall asleep from the presentation (or lack thereof)?

You were the PERFECT prospect. How did they lose you?

I posted a tweet a few days ago that went something like this: “She spoke with such monotone timbre that the only thing that made her unique was MY interpretation of the narrative. I fell in love…”

It was the seed of this post, but I couldn’t put my arms around why I was so absorbed with the statement. I was obsessing. I wanted it to liveI had passion for it, but I couldn’t explain why.

So, this morning, when I saw a presentation called “The Art & Science of Seductive Interactions,” by Stephen Anderson (Twitter: @stephenanderson), I realized where this post was supposed to go.

Treat the content within your marketing collateral as if it were a personal conversation with your ideal customer. Connect on a personal level. Whether it’s your brochure, Web site, tear sheets, advertising, or even a business card (or a Tweet), make it seductive. Create a conversation that not only interests you, but also speaks to the interests, the desires, the heart of your target audience.

How do you create that passionate brand advocate out of a prospect? Rewards? Curiosity? Sensory experiences? Teasing? Playing “Hard to get?” Reputation? Social acceptance?

It’s all seduction…
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So what of my tweet? I deleted it. It died before I had the chance to create a seductive reason for you to care about it. But I’m still in love with the idea.

Until Next Time…

Keep Cooking!
Andrew B. Clark
-The Brand Chef

  1. That is very correct. No one wants to listen to a ‘blank” or even touch his materials with the tips of his handkerchief.

    keep the good work up.

  2. Thank you Yinka! It’s great to have you join the conversation.

    Seduction in marketing, advertising… heck… LIFE is necessary. Why not tease a little . Offer an incentive that makes the customer “tingle” just a bit.

    It’s addictive.

    With that, I hope to see you ’round the table again. I plan some tasty morsels of conversation soon!!!

    Keep Cooking!