Getting Started

Besides my own book, TRUE Branding, True Relevance and Unique Engagement for Businesses, My first suggestion for ANYONE looking to get a clearer vision of a creative business model and build an environment that will foster brand-driven creativity and inspiration is to read:

branding and business development, orbiting the giant hairballOrbiting the Giant Hairball, A Corporate Fool’s Guide to Surviving with Grace,
By Gordon MacKenzie

I was not a reader until an associate of mine handed me this book. He knew I didn’t like to read. He also knew Gordon’s book, his life and his perspective would open up my mind, inspire me and drive me to greater success than I could ever imagine (at least that what I tell myself). Once I read Orbiting The Giant Hairball, I swore to myself that feeding my brain and feeding the community that surrounds me with inspiration, education and motivation was going to be a fulcrum in my life. Everything balances on this one book. Every step I make into the future is because of this book. Thank you for feeding my inspiration, Mike.