While I try not to mix business, personal life and my public persona with ANYTHING remotely political, I usually refrain from posting content such as this. But in this election season started by the Iowa Straw Polls this week and destined to continue on through the next 18 months and beyond, I had the urge to voice my perspective on our current economic state. Do I think this will “turn on the light or make the issues clearer to the candidates? No.

Maybe this will give some of my readers some perspective on how to address the trouble our economy is in.

Democrat? Republican? I don’t care. I think this issue is RELEVANT to us all.

The 12-Step Evolution of a Down Economy (Or… how to rape the economy and propagate slums in our suburbs):

Step1: Residents tire of rural congestion and discover beautiful, virgin territory

Step 2: Residents settle and develop land for suitable family living (“modernize”)
Step 3: Residents draw “new” residents on  shiny object & new opportunities
Step 4: “Community” develops retail and consumer tax base
Step 5: This entices residents into comfort and disillusionment with commercialism and retail tax abatements
Step 6:  Retail and consumer base offer incentives to “stay and grow” in the area with credit and superficial community amenities (that no one really uses)
Step 7:  Big Retail and Consumer tax base lulls residents into lethargic, numb zombie-like state of ignorance about economic cycles and surge growth detriments
Step 8: Zombies extend credit with little or NO reasonable cognitive control
Step 9: Retail and commercial base default on credit as corporate office search “New opportunities” in other beautiful, virgin territories.
Step 10:  Retail and commercial base close down / move away taking job and retail tax base with.
Step 11: Residents default on credit foreclose and lose job opportunities… look for the next shiny object.
Step 12: Original beautiful, virgin territory is left — unkempt, uncared for, unmarketable, uninhabitable and is sold or leased to those that will take ANYTHING to call their own, because that’s the American Dream

Are you living the “American Dream?”

Keep Cooking (TRUE Community – not the one we’re being SOLD)
Andrew B. Clark
The Brand Chef