Remember June Cleaver and Harriet Nelson of early, family television fame? You know, those “typical” stay-at-home moms that, according to their husbands, (and NOT me) sat around and gossiped over tea all day? Did you ever, in your wildest dreams (okay, maybe not that wild), consider them marketing pioneers? No?

Me neither, but according to e-Marketer Daily, these domestic goddesses, with all of their neighborhood gossiping, beauty salon chats, and over-the-fence “did you know’s” shaped a word of mouth (WOM) trend that has become a (although unexpected) powerful, yet under utilized force in marketing.

In the e-Marketer article, and according a 2007 BSM Media study, 64% of moms asked other moms for advice before purchasing a new product, and 63% considered other moms the most credible when they had questions. That’s powerful info in the hands of the right marketers (Attention: Gerber, Graco, Playskool, Kraft, Tyson, et al).

The article goes on to site a study from SheSpeaks stating,

“…87% of female internet users will mention a favored product in conversation and 64% will forward an e-mail link to others.”


How do you, as marketing and communications professionals, utilize moms and this powerful WOM process? Do you have clients that could benefit from this kind of buzz? Let’s open a discussion on how we can empower June, Harriet and their sisters and get this sagging economy buzzing again.

Keep Cooking!