You don’t have the option for dialogue.  You don’t have the time for ad copy.  You need to get people to understand your brand and the concept behind it in the blink of an eye…  You need to tell a story that is so unique and dramatic that words alone just won’t work.

What do you do? Hire a photographer (and a creative production team to tell the brand’s story).

Brands, especially media-driven brands need to be visual.  Movie posters and the promotional collateral that comes out to create pre-buzz about the show MUST dynamic.  They MUST, in a split-second, tell you the brand story.

The new season of Mad Men starts tomorrow night.  I’ve never seen more than 10 minutes of the shows from previous seasons, but with the passion and excitement I’ve seen / experienced around the coming of the third season, you can rest assured that I will be camped out on the couch with my beverage-of-choice at 10:00pm. But in my fanboy-to-be research for season three, I came across a pretty cool ‘making of’ video for this year’s promotional poster.
(feed readers and Facebookers, click here to see the video)

Visual Branding Gold!

It’s the perfect marriage.  Branding, story-telling, and creating excitement for the brand with one, simple (so-to-speak) image.

Don Draper would be proud.

I hope you join me, AMC and Mr. Draper Sunday night for what looks to be a pretty freakin’ cool season premere!

Keep Cooking!
Andrew B. Clark
The Brand Chef

  1. Stan in our office loves Mad Men. Personally, I find it rather dark and plodding. But I’ve got admit, I love this photo shoot and video. Thanks for sharing it. Now I’ll shoot it over to Stan. He’ll have a Scotch, a smoke, and a look-see,

    • Hi Park!

      Thanks for stopping by! And YES! Isn’t it a great shoot and a little peek into how creatives pull a brand position together with imagery. Dynamic and exciting…

      Tell Stan I missed the premier, but hope to get caught up this weekend. I agree it’s a bit dark, but the drama is palpable – can’t resist it!

      Keep Cooking!