I’ve become so enamored with blogging and blog writing, that in my daily review of blogs, I often times run across specific entries or even entire Blogs that simply knock me over… I sit there and scream at my monitor, “Oh! I wish I would have written that!” or “That’s EXACTLY what I was thinking!” often times followed with the dull, resonating “thud…clack-ity, click” of my head hitting the keyboard.

What is it about these passages that draws me in day after day? Do they inspire me? Do they make me laugh? Do they provide insight? Do they help me with my business? Family?

Some do all of the above, and some simply have shed light on a person or company that, like a moth, I am drawn to without explanation.

Lately, my desire to “get the word out” about cooking up true, integrated brands has become my ironic writer’s block… I could “talk” about the truth in a brand, the relevance of a brand, the uniqueness of a brand or the ever popular effectiveness of a brand… but do my readers (peers, friends, family and a select handful of clients and prospects) really want to read that day after day? Not if they have lives… no offense.

In my last post I wrote about a new game that (in my opinion) will open lines of communication that, due to text messaging, emails, digital memos, cell phones (the ones with the little cameras and full keyboards) and yes, blogs, have been crushed closed with bytes upon bytes of nonsensical messages about the most mundane and trivial things “life” has to offer. There are so many “messages” that when we do receive a true, uninhibited form of honest communication, we lose interest or skim over it, not slowing our pace enough to feel, absorb, comprehend and cherish it – messages that could become part of your personality – something that YOU really relate to and carry on as part of your personal brand “tool chest.”

So, today, in my effort to reach out to my readers and to spur on some true conversation, I ask this of you…

Give me your best. Give me what you’d really like to hear about. Make it silly. Make it serious. Make it business-related. Make it hobby-related. I don’t care – just make it about YOU. All I want is a headline – a short sentence that would communicate something about YOU or about something you want to discuss… Below are a few examples…

“Without feathers, I’d never…”
“But I can’t feed my kids on your wisdom”
“Forget the President, I want to eat Jell-O”
“The importance of Balsa wood and Miller Lite.”
“It’s not Rocky Science

And so on… and so on…

Once I get a collection of good headlines, I’ll periodically research a headline with whomever posted it to gather the “whole story.” If there’s really no story, I’ll work with the person that submitted it to glean a fun, creative experience based on that headline…

It’s not rocket science. And this is meant to be a fun way to get to know each other.

What is your “headline?” What would YOU LOVE to write about…?

  1. Okay, I’ll play.

    My daughter is my Jiminy Cricket.


  2. Having a Tween-aged” daughter myself, I can almost insert my own Jiminy Cricket stories in this one…

    Sometimes the simple, valuable, truth from a cricket can bring a grown man to tears…

    Then you have to fight letting that “cricket” grow up.

    I’ll definitely be following up on this one.

    Thanks, Drew!

    Keep Cooking!

  3. Where is the matching sock to the black one in my sock drawer?

    Why doesn’t glue stick to the inside of the bottle?

    Why did Sally sell seashells on the seashore when you can just pick them up anyway?

    – Kabel

  4. True Kabel input… Why does Sally peddle her shells?