Chris Wilson, over at The Marketing Fresh Peel, has touched on a topic that, although covered a few times (to say the least) on the internet, has hit a chord inspiring, TRUE brand-based reason and conversation. He’s developing a series of posts that are centered around “Human Talk.” Yup. Human Talk. Unique, huh?

Instead of using his blog post series as an “agent of change,” Chris’ point of view skews slightly outside the expected.

He writes

… I’m not your average blogger and I don’t think this is a topic that can be tackled in one concise post. So I’m not even going to try. Instead, I’m going to turn this idea into an ongoing log, and what I hope will become an ongoing discussion.

Blogging as conversation? No way! Well, he’s doing it… and doing it right.

I have read the first few posts of the series and have been drawn into the discussion. Chris peels back the clutter and really gets into the juicy, sweet details of the topic – showing you that often times, the simplest ideas and solutions produce the biggest results.

Thanks to Chris for the tip o’ the hat.

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