According to Harris interactive, the ever stable and eternally present Reynolds Wrap (Alcoa) won out in a nation-wide survey tracking the brand viability and strength in the American home consumer market – eclipsing other brands such as Hershey’s, Kleenex Clorox and, yes, even Coke, iPod and the ubiquitous Starbucks.

Thoughts? It’s obvious.

Although Betty and Pat, Reynolds Wrap’s peppy kitchen mavens, are the anti Gen-X/Y spokes persons, with as much excitement and vitality as Dan Rather, the Reynolds Wrap brand has always held it’s ground. In a consumer market, filled with a gross ebb and flow of potions and gadgets for a higher quality of living that man (or woman) has ever seen — or needed for that fact — Reynolds Wrap has, and always will be, that simple, fascinating mirrored magic sheet of necessity we all remember chewing on as a kid –- just to feel the tingle against our fillings. — C’mon, I know you did it too. — Never mind the fact that it kept mom’s oven and dad’s grill clean as a whistle.

So, what’s the lesson you ask? It may be as simple as the first thing we learned in marketing… K.I.S.S. Or “Keep It Simple Stupid.”

As a marketing community, and I’m as guilty as the rest of you, we spend a majority of our time analyzing the so-called “innovators” like Apple and Volkswagen spewing their “cutting edge” brand-puke out there like frat boys in a strip club – eyes glazed over with mouths agape – never realizing that the girl in the Reynolds Wrap tube top may be Miss Right.

Either way, you end up unsatisfied and broke.

Okay, I digress.

It’s not rocket science and it’s not even that expensive. According to the Adage article (6/21/06), WD-40 (No.6 on the list), the wonder “stuff” that unlocks your car doors in the dead of winter, ranked on the list and only spent $25,400 — compared to Clorox (no.7), spending $413,800.

Keep it simple. Stop screaming at the “alter of your brand” and support your product or service with true, honest and believable integrated brand marketing. The consumers will appreciate it and your accountant may like it too.