Do you know anyone that you’d call a “Go-Getter?” Yeah, that guy/gal that always seems to be working on getting results at virtually any cost?  Sure, I know ’em quite well. I know, because I have always been one… A “do-er,” as one employer labeled me.  I wore it like a badge of honor, holding my head high as if I’d been knighted by the Queen.  That’s all I knew.  That’s how I defined my work days and eventually, my personal brand.  But it always seemed to take so much effort.  So much time.  And “getting” rarely received equal return, let alone a satisfactory profit.

the_go-giverIf you’re wondering why that work seems so much like…  well…  WORK, maybe those efforts are being focused too much on the end result and not the path that gets you there.

There IS a path to success, and the authors of The Go-Giver, Bob Burg and John David Mann, see it much differently than I or most other Go-Getters do…  did…

Burg and Mann made me ask five simple questions:

  1. How do I add value every day?
  2. How do I serve those around me?
  3. Do I place others’ interests as a priority – even to my own?
  4. Do I relate to others genuinely?
  5. Do I expect the same in return?

The story of The Go-Giver follows one of these “Go-Getters” on a journey of realization that giving and sharing can be MUCH more profitable than he previously expected.

I have been called a Go-Getter.  I don’t think I want to be called that any longer…


On that note, this week is the Meals from the Heartland packaging event in central Iowa.

Starting this Thursday, September 3rd and going through the 7th, church organizers, nursing homes, schools, businesses, housewives, children, and anyone else that you can think of will merge on downtown Des Moines, Iowa; bringing hearts, hands, and the passion for helping others to Hy-Vee Hall to package meals for those around the world less fortunate than us.

meals_from_the_heartlandMeals from the Heartland is a non-profit organization that annually coordinates and administers the biggest food packaging and fundraising event in the United States. For five days, volunteers of all ages, races, and religious beliefs gather, side by side, and scoop, drop, pour, and seal millions of meals for distribution to starving communities around the world.

In 2008, Meals from the Heartland packaged over 4,000,000 meals.  This year, by the looks of the amazing influx of volunteers and in-kind donations, they’ll be well on their way to matching and surpassing that amazing number.

Your support would be appreciated. You can (for a VERY short time) still Volunteer to package.  Or a donation to help buy the supplies is always a good way to show your support.

To Volunteer, please go to this link.

To Donate, please go to this link. (Only $25 funds over 100 meals!)

With that, go be a Go-Giver.  Make your path to success rewarding for you and everyone around you!

Keep Cooking (for everyone around you)!
Andrew B. Clark
The Brand Chef

  1. Wow – thank you for your VERY kind commentary on John David Mann’s and my book. Please know how much that is appreciated!!

    Best regards,


    • WOW, right back at you, Mr. Burg… So unexpected to have the author stop by my blog. Thank you so much for chiming in. And thank you for setting the path. It’s truly an honor.

      Hope you’re having a great day.

      Keep Cooking (for the passionate fans)
      Andrew B. Clark
      The Brand Chef

  2. Spot on Andrew. The book helped me look at how I paired my work ethic with the relationships I cultivate in a whole new light. I am truly glad to personally know you. Keep up the great content!

    • WOW… just when you think your day couldn’t get any better. Daniel Shipton walks in and turns on the sunshine. What a great comment.

      I’m humbled. I have no more to say than Thank you!