Some companies have already pulled back the reigns on marketing communications, advertising, and building brand awareness. Why? Economy? Fear? Speculation?


Instead of spending your time and money trying to skirt around our economic problems (e.g. – cutting advertising, slashing marketing and basically hiding in your shell); try creating a personal connection with your audience.

Your brand community is more important now than ever. When economic situations are questionable, consumers look to familiarity and stable confidence. Does your brand evoke those messages? Can your customers relate to your brand as a staple in these tough times?

Take the airline industry. Yes, air travel is down, but jetBlue has created a great campaign, centered on economy – centered on (humorously) poking at the problem. They fearlessly show their customers that jetBlue is there for them… a silly rock in the whirlwind of economic turmoil.
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jetBlue Video 1

jetBlue Video 2

jetBlue Video 3 (the best in my opinion)

FACT: Strategy. Creative. Production. They all cost. And for real quality, be prepared to pay top dollar. What are you doing to stretch your brand message – purposefully, strategically, and relevantly?

Do you think jetBlue, who has had some trouble with brand identity in the past, decided to hold back, or even cut back. No. They’re building their brand community by talking with their customers about the situation. They’re not avoiding it. They’re sticking their necks out, showing that their customers can depend on them to be there… or at least make them laugh at their troubles a bit.

What is your brand doing to create assurance for its community? Can your brand audience count on you to persevere?

Or have you already left them wondering?

Food for thought…

Keep Cooking!
Andrew B. Clark
–The Brand Chef

  1. Totally. Marketing is getting atomized and every touch counts. With the multitude of channels out there, social media steps in to connect people to brands, and even people to people. We’re fed-up with condescending marketing and don’t believe a word of it. Your example with Jet Blue is refreshing. Everyone wants to be heard and understood. Now there’s an opening, and the start of a trusting relationship.

  2. Exactly… In this “economy” what customers are looking for is a relationship that makes their lives better (more comfortable?).

    jetBlue, as an example, has taken the initiative to communicate TO their market. They’ve poked fun at the “bad guys” and are starting to build an alliance with their brand community.

    How will other companies build their brand communities? How does your company identify with your customers?

    Thanks, Michael, for stopping by the kitchen. I look forward to hearing more from you.

    Keep Cooking – great, engaging brands!

  3. I am cracking up with this jetBlue stuff. Wish they flew up here to ANC. Never underestimate the power of a smile. But here’s the thing that makes it stick, IMHO: jetBlue makes an effort to keep it real. Travelers who fly them like them. Yes they have issues, but they’re authentic. I like that. Most people do.

  4. Yes, Scott. I’d have to agree that authenticity goes a LONG way in branding. That’s why I call my branding process TRUE Branding (Truthful, Relevant, Unique, and Engaging)…

    Through all of their faults, jetBlue seems to be taking their branding efforts with these factors in mind.

    Thanks for stopping by The Brand Chef’s kitchen… I look forward to hearing more from you.

    Keep Cooking!
    Andrew B. Clark