… Or Are You Just Glad To Be Seen?

Brand extensions, they’re like bad hair weaves on The Flavor of Love(usually) obvious and irritatingly pointless. You know ’em – everything from the innocuously sponsored video games and branded energy drinks; to the (extremely) disturbing, outer limits of brand extension, flaming meat-scented cologne (I kid you not).

Then there’s the other side of the coin… Added awareness and exposure… Building a brand culture…

In today’s marketplace, being category leader or even in the top three isn’t always enough. Brand extension is sometimes a necessity for survival and growth for many companies.

Brand extension can:

1. Broaden the appeal of a single product by adding features to it. For example, if your product is a phone, you might add a nifty video screen feature to it (novel idea?).

2. Leverage the success of your existing brand name by attaching it to a new products. For example, if you produce a popular motorcycle brand called “The Knuckle”. It’s success leads to extensions of the brand (e.g. – “The Knuckle” products: “The Knuckle” cycling gloves, helmet, and leather gear).

Win, place or show… when is the brand “Over extended?” How do we discern merchandising of products for the benefit of the brand versus sheer greed and stupidity?

Let’s stir up some conversation…

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Andrew B. Clark
-The Brand Chef