Well, it comes to that time of year where we (Americans) all look forward to another a couple days off work to gorge ourselves on charred poultry, confectionery creations of all colors, alcohol in corresponding colors, nuts, pies, breads, board games, and football – all in the name of thanks.

Seriously, although the true meaning of the Thanksgiving holiday has been homogenized by commercialism, cynicism and apathy, my family tries (between bites of turkey and stuffing) to reflect on the year that has passed and give a simple “thank you” for the blessings we have received.

So, this holiday season, I am personally thankful for:

My lovely wife –I couldn’t breathe without her (although my doctor has assured me otherwise)
My children – they remind me I’m human… more and more every day
My family – for showing me what insanity really is…
My faith – for keeping me sane
Music – for inspiring me
Books – for opening doors
Creative conversation – duh
My sketchbook(s) – someday I’ll let you see what really goes on in there…
Tears – especially the tears of laughter, but all of them are good
Unsolicited hugs
Coffee simple, black, nothing added…
The smell of “home”
Down comforters
although the snow falling right now is brilliant
Fresh air
And my friends – you know who you are

I hope that everyone that reads this post has a beautiful Thanksgiving. And if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you take the time to stop and appreciate the things that have made you who you are this year. Next year could be completely different.

Keep cooking!

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