“TRUE Branding”

(Truthful, Relevant, Unique, and Engaging)

The Branding Workbook That Starts At The Beginning

The Workbook that follows will guide you and your company through a T.R.U.E. Branding discovery process revealing TRUE Brand initiatives that will facilitate better, more efficient and more focused brand marketing.

This process has been taken from sessions facilitated by SPOKE Communications, LLC President and The Brand Chef, Andrew B. Clark. For over 20 years, Andrew has been working with companies and associations form agriculture to service and retail industries to differentiate, define, defend and deliver TRUE Brand communications to his clients’ targeted markets.

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Hold On!  You’re not done…

By no means, once this process is taken, will your branding journey be over. A TRUE Brand is always evolving, ever growing and revealing new aspects of itself as business and opportunities arise within the company and the industries you occupy. It’s advised that this process is taken and reviewed by the management team at least every six (6) months and by the company as a whole, annually.

The TRUE Brand is powerful and driving force for communication. Done with honesty, focus and diligence, this discovery process will teach you more about yourself and your company than you’d ever imagine a business and marketing process could.

Good luck! And happy branding!

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