You see a mass of people walking up the street, chanting staccato rhymes and carrying signs. Their fervor is intoxicating and growing with each verse and step. From the bull horn roaring out a voice of change and justice to the unison rhythm of their footsteps striking the cobblestone – the draw and pitch of the crowd weaves its way into your eyes and ears and through your body until you have become a sounding board, repeating and chanting in unison with the crowd. Individuals become a single conglomeration of chopping, clomping, chanting spit and sweat – a single body of hundreds – thousands. And you are one cell of an organism of aggression.


What made the rabble so intoxicating that you were willing to join in the rolling thunder? Was it the message? The power? Or were you swayed by the fear of the crowd outweighing the power of your insignificant individual thought?

If you stop and think about it – if you stop chanting and stop walking, what will happen? Will those that joined behind you stop or trample you? Will your independence trip them up? Will they continue clomping and chanting along? Or will they slow their stride and silence their voices long enough to ask why you’ve stopped? Will they listen?

Try it.

Step out of line and look around. Is this your cause? Or is this simply rolling thunder?

This has no specific subject, but due to the events taking place locally, regionally, and nationally… in media, in politics and throughout the World, I had to ask this of myself…

Everyone has a cause. What’s yours?