It’s not that I condone listening to others talk while in restaurants (guilty). Nor do I condone wiretapping or spying (no comment). But when developing marketing plans or strategy for clients, I like to get as much information – fill in the who’s what’s where’s why’s and how’sBEFORE I make a conclusion or a pitch. I prefer to have these questions answered as thoroughly as possible BEFORE I walk into a client’s office and make promises… How about you?

So, let’s ask five simple questions:

Who are your customers?
What is your customer passionate about?
Where can you find those passionate customers?
Why are those customers passionate (or not passionate) about your brand?
How can you make the passion grow?

Now, take a look at a screen shot of a simple feed I created for Caribou Coffee.

(click to see a bigger image)

How many of the above questions were answered? All of them. And that was just a couple days of a Twitter Search feed. Imagine if your company really put the effort into social media monitoring.

Like the Boy Scout’s motto: “Be Prepared.” Sounds logical, right? So, why is there so much resistance from companies to get involved with Social Media?

Eavesdropping has its advantages. Food for thought.

Until Next time…

Keep Cooking!
Andrew B. Clark
–The Brand Chef

  1. And it’s all legal, welcome, and customers want it!

  2. … gotta’ learn how to type…

    Yes Steve –

    The best tracking is done in real-time. Research and focus groups are great, but why not go “to the source?”

    Thanks for stopping by the kitchen, Steve! Keepin’ it sticky as always…

    Keep Cookin!