Hey Boomers…  what would you do if you spent the last 35 (or more) years of your life working to secure your family, your finances, your future, and the economy tanked?

agingSuddenly you find yourself out of a job due to corporate “out-placement” or “downsizing.” Suddenly, the job that you depended on for the well-being of… well, everything is gone. Suddenly you, along with thousands of others, stand on the unfamiliar streets of a bustling city, resume in hand, wondering what your next step should be.

I can only imagine what’s going through your mind…

  • It’s easily been 15 years since you even looked for a job.
  • You’ve worked within the same systematic corporate structure for years.
  • The skill-set that got you your last job has been replaced by two keystrokes and an open source back end managed by a 26 year-old.
  • The last version of your resume was typed on a 1973 Smith Corona.
  • The “kid” in the coffee shop down the street has more energy than you could ever dream of having – caffeine induced or not.
  • A job search at 50 … Might as well be a trek up Mount Everest in Birkenstocks and bikini.

To compete in this frightening job market, you need to find and edge.  You need to find out what makes you unique to potential employers?  you need to find out what relevance you have to potential employers.

Marva Goldsmith has a plan for you… It’s called Personal Branding.

branding_after_50In her new book Branding Yourself After Age 50, Marva applies commercial branding techniques to those competing for new jobs and hoping to gain higher visibility and value. On September 15, Marva will be kicking off her interactive webinar series based on the book to help participants develop their own personal branding strategies.

“I started the book as self-imposed therapy on the eve of my 50th birthday. It took a different direction as I found many of my peers and colleagues facing unexpected and unplanned ‘career outages’,” says Marva. “The webinars are a natural outgrowth of the book and give people a chance to roll up their sleeves with me and come out with a practical, high-impact plan for moving forward.”

So, Boomers… Push aside those AARP solicitations and step up to the plate.  Remember, it was your motivation and cries for change moved the world to look at equality through clearer eyes. YOU taught us the value of a hard day’s work.  And now it’s time for you to make another change – for yourself.

Personal branding and positioning are key to differentiating your value to potential employers.  Marva Goldsmith has seen it, first hand.  And she wants you to see it too.

Check out her Web site, the book and her webinars at http://www.branding50.com/

Keep Cooking (productive personal brand triumph)!
Andrew B. Clark
– The Brand Chef