K – I – S – S – ING… First comes LOVE, then comes MARRIAGE…  (then, a whole bunch of legal jargon) But what comes next?

For $800 million, Amazon gets the opportunity to plug their Teflon-esque business model in to the Gen-Y Juggernaut that is Zappos. (AdAge article here)

amazon_zappos_loveMy question – Will Amazon take ques from Zappos’ incredibly engaging (and successful) social media strategy and start working in a system for creating conversation around the products THEY sell?

  • reviews of books with “live” discussions?
  • conversations on service?
  • community-building around the Amazon name… ?
  • engagement as a tour-de-force in social media circles?

And Zappos – talk about a distribution partner.  I’m sure that the $1 Billion they’re expected to do in 2010 will be adjusted accordingly, knowing the incredible power that’s now at their disposal.  Remember, it says “Powered by service™” right beneath their logo…  How, besides distribution and the INCREDIBLE influx of cash and public relations can Zappos take advantage of the union?

Not a bad deal at $800 Million…  For either party.

I’m interested to see how this changes things.  I see Amazon, although the bigger entity, benefiting from this more than Zappos.  What do you think???

Food for thought.

Keep Cooking!
Andrew B. Clark
The Brand Chef

P.S. – this would be The Brand Chef’s 100th Post…  Although I had something else planned for this momenous milestone, I thought this conversation would be more interesting…  Be watching for my 101st post!

  1. Congrats on the 100th post!

    Actually – I hope Amazon takes advantage of Zappos distribution system. It takes Zappos 1 day – for FREE – to get me a pair of shoes and Amazon takes a week and $4 to get me a book.

    • My point exactly… Creating a marketing opportunity out of customer service?!?! Silly…

      Ironically, AdAge just posted another article about Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos “attentively and noticeably take notes near the front row at South by Southwest while Zappos Tony Hsieh talked about Zappos’ culture, values and service” (more)

      I bet your next book gets to you quicker and maybe with an apology for not stepping up sooner…

      Keep Cooking!

  2. Zappos is a pretty cool company. I once saw something like this in the line at the Denver airport.


    Good stuff!

    P.S. Congrats on 100 – Its a good grind, no? : )

    • Innovate or die, right? I LOVE that about Zappos…

      And, YES the grind is good… I just got done with a conversation with a fellow blogger that scolded me for only posting once a week (on average). He posts no less than once a day. I had to ask him “How the hell do you get anything done?” And he said (quite to my surprise…)

      “I seem to get MORE done, because I scheduled it into my day. 15 minutes every morning before I start work and it ‘kick-starts’ my brain…”

      And I thought giving up caffeine would help. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by the kitchen!

      Keep Cooking!