I’d rather be Alfred than Batman…

Superheroes… Cops and Robbers… Cowboys and Indians…

Whatever the genre, I’m sure we all have fond childhood memories of strapping a beach towel around your neck and chasing after the “bad guys,” leaping from pic nic tables and flying through the back yard (or running in circles with your arms up in the air like a goober) in hot pursuit of your nemesis… As children, it was black and white – the good guys wore white and the bad guys lived on the street behind the bowling alley.

Thanks to Drew McLellan’s recent post, I was reminded of some of these events that sprinkle my childhood where I was the eternal sidekick to my older brother. Ah, but I was never Robin to his Batman or Kato to his Black Hornet, but the inspiration behind the powers…

Pat, the eternal alpha first-born, would always be the Superhero. Whether it was supplying him with mud with just right viscosity for the home made slingshot or tracking after the perfect light saber (fallen tree branch), Andy (yes, I used to go by Andy) was the Alfred to Pat’s Batman. Eternally loyal and intuitively accurate in evaluating the situation… So Pat stands at the edge of the tree house – his locks blowing in the summer breeze – chest and chin protruding and hands on his hips with another victory over the Farnham boys. Andy stands on the ground, proudly, as the enemy runs, snotty and sobbing, back to the clatter of the bowling alley… True support for the hero.

With that, Drew asked if we as marketers and creatives are taking the appropriate roll with our clients, saying ” If we’re the hero, guess who we’re casting in the role of victim?” So, who does becomes the victim?

Today it’s a bigger picture and not as simple, but the same personalities seem to show up…

It’s the work I do for my clients that I take pride in and not the accolades that may come afterward. That’s why, when you come to my “Bat Cave” you won’t find awards on the walls or photos of myself with important diplomats. You see the tools I use to help in the creation of true, honest branding and integrated marketing peppering my workspace – simple, unassuming and honest – a true cave…

When it comes to testimonials and praise for the work I’ve done, the ultimate compliment I could ask for is something to the effect of… “Studio 24, has become a trusted partner… wanting to collaborate with us to create a brand that would help us grow …” In my opinion, happy clients make more noise than a trophy.

Credits for defeating the evil of bad communications and redefining the marketplace for clients is no one-person effort. As a team, the clients and the agency work together to make solid and wise brands that efficiently and effectively change the landscape of their marketing – and sometimes their market all together.

Like Alfred in the Batman series, it’s my job to create the components my clients need to effectively communicate their brands. It’s my job to stay in the Bat Cave and polish the Batmobile while the clients go out with the tools I have provided them to battle the marketplace. Hopefully, If I have done my job, they will come back victorious and we’ll share in the joys of their success and maybe a hot chocolate.

What roll do you play? Or better yet, what roll do you expect your communications partner to play?!?

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  1. Andrew,BR/BR/You’re very right — it’s a complicated business. And yet, it’s also incredibly simple. Serve the client’s best interests and be their champion and you’ll rarely come out on the short end of the stick!BR/BR/Thanks for the tip o’ the hat!BR/BR/Drew