“Open the kimono” is a phrase that I once heard, loosely meaning “everyone should share data. There should be no secrets between those in the meeting. As in a Japanese wife showing her husband her naked body by opening her silk robe or kimono.” Of course, this means that all bets are off. Perceptions are laid on the table for the world to evaluate, comment on, and make public judgment on – for better or worse.

At Love Scott & Associates, the West Des Moines marketing communications company I work for, we’re experimenting in a little kimono-opening research. We’re asking simply,

If public perception rules a brand, what is your perception of “Advertising Agency” as a label?”

It’s a little risky when you open yourself to judgment, but without asking the right questions outside the walls of your company, you’ll never understand your brand – nor will you understand the challenges that face it.

Of course, being a Twitter Poll, this is basically quantitative and not qualitative research, but it is an interesting peek into the public perception of companies that call themselves an “Advertising Agency.”

I invite you to go take the simple, one-question poll. Polling ends Monday, June 8th, 2009, and after, I’ll post the results along with some of the reaction and some questions that develop within Love Scott.

We look forward to seeing your results!

Keep Cooking!
Andrew B. Clark
The Brand Chef