Who Is This “Brand Chef?”

Andrew B. ClarkThe Brand Chef

Andrew Clark is The Brand Chef. To learn more about his rants and ravings on branding, marketing and social media, you can check out The Brand Chef blog here. Future posts from Andrew will be split between The Brand Chef blog and the SPOKE Communications, LLC blog.

With over 20 years experience with marketing communications, specifically in the fields of interactive and print graphic services, social media strategy design and development, Andrew’s career has shown to be results-driven successes for his partners and clients.

Central Iowa born and raised, Andrew studied fine art photography and illustration at Coe College, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and The Museum School of Fine Art in Boston, Massachusetts. He earned an associates degree in Commercial Art from Des Moines Area Community College. He is a member of the Art Directors Association of Iowa, National Agriculture Marketing Association (NAMA) and the American Advertising Federation.

Since 1992, Andrew’s career has been focused on helping companies become successful and profitable by developing marketing strategies and managing creative communications and production environments. With the ever-evolving nature of marketing communications tools, the Brand Chef’s insatiable desire for new information and research has made his career choice exciting and challenging. There is no challenge that he won’t address with logic, strategy, exuberance and fearlessness!

Andrew B. Clark’s Specialties:

Branding and identity development
Marketing and communications
Creative consulting
Strategic planning
Print design
Interactive design
Social media marketing
Public Relations
Client / Account management
SOP development
Employee training & management

You can find The Brand Chef in most socially connected ways including email – Andrew{at} or:

    1. The Brand Chef blog
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    3. Google Search for “Andrew B. Clark” {There seems to be an actor named Andrew B. Clark as well, but only plays bit parts in movies like Platoon and Radio Days… I prefer NOT to play bit parts… 🙂 }
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