We Try Harder…

There’s a segment out there for everyone. It’s YOU. It’s truthful, relevant, unique, and engaging

So, in this economy, instead of trying to bark louder than the big dogs, try something unique

Avis has a great twist on it…

Try harder at being YOU, and the rest should follow closely behind.

Food for thought…

Keep Cooking!

  1. So true. And once you figure out who YOU are, you have to make sure that everyone inside your organization knows it too. So many companies think building their brand is about cool TV spots and print ads, and they skip the part where it’s about the employees living the brand.

  2. YES! And when I talk to “YOU,” a company as a whole should respond “YES?” From the CEO to the Shipping Clerk – (every) YOU has to live the brand. If one person is out of sync then the entire company is affected.

    Thanks for stopping by the kitchen, Lynn. Great insight! Hope to see more of you.

    Keep Cooking!