Video Killed The Blogging Rock Star

So this post is a sort of an extension to my last post about “Flipping” your Blog.

From what I can tell, video,as with web development and content management systems, has hit a consumer marketing pace that is going to change the way we (you and I and the whole marketing communications world) will communicate in the VERY near future.  While writing and posting blogs and articles will be of continued value for content and SEO, I think the video enterprise of social media is going to make short work of the roadblocks facing the “non-writers” out there.

Also think of the affect video communications has on:

  • Instant gratification
  • Personal relationships
  • Eye contact when speaking
  • Professional credibility
  • Brand engagement

On the other hand, production, encoding, storage space and other factors will still come into play when using video over the written word.

So, what do we do? Continue to write post after post about our key subject or flip a camera on and tag the heck out of a few videos for virtually the same results.

What say you?

So on that point, I’d like to offer today’s Get-Going Groove of the Day below. I look forward to hearing (or seeing more) from you all!


Keep Cooking (great, visual engagement)!
The Brand Chef
Andrew B. Clark