Tasty Morsels: Do You Have a “Cracker Jack” Brand?

Morsels making brand history: On this day, in 1912 was the first time Rueckheim Bros. & H.G. Eckstein, owners of Cracker Jack decided to put a surprise in every box of their nutty, caramel popcorn concoction.

Until that time, the snack candy company was finding difficulty positioning themselves in their respective market – finding their product a mere commodity in the consumers’ eye…

Why? There wasn’t a hook. There was no UNIQUE brand advantage.

Enter the hook – A Surprise In Every Box! What kid (let alone most adults) don’t like a fun surprise – guaranteed?!?

And the rest is tasty history.

How many brands can guarantee that kind of draw? What brand can cement itself in the pop culture lexicon by adding one simple surprise? Ever sing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game?” (make sure you turn up the volume)

What surprise does your brand offer? Can you think of one thing to add (a surprise in your brand box) that would catapult your brand like Cracker Jack?

Food for thought…

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