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Sharing As A Networking Tool

I have seen some pretty heavy-handed attempts at networking. I think we’ve all experienced it, from telemarketers to Chamber functions and “that guy” that just won’t back down. Over at The Society for Word of Mouth, Ulla Jones offered up a simple, yet profound slogan to remember


A TRUE Thanks to Chef Richard Blais!

I wanted to send a quick “Thank You” to Chef Richard Blais for featuring my TRUE Branding reviews (here and here) in the “Press” section of his website. It’s a true honor to have this acknowledgment. To get this “nod” from someone I admire as an innovator


Post 2 Post: Jack’s Notebook by Gregg Fraley (part of the Simmering Judgments Series)

I’m kind of a quirky guy. I don’t like reading fiction. Now, as a “Right-Brainer” you’d expect me to really dig fiction. But for the longest time, my Barnes & Noble receipts have been filled with non-fiction. Most of the time, my reading list looks like some


My Personal Brand Is Kinda’ Funny… I Think.

I’ve always been a huge fan of stand up comedians. For a short time, at the end of high school, I even entertained the idea of becoming a comedian. I dabbled in comedy ventures ranging from short stories to political cartoons and satire. I even spent a


Don’t Pick On The Kids!

Last week I read an article by Peter Madden in Advertising Age that, to me, carried criticism of the promotion for the 2008 Beijing Olympic games to an uncomfortable level. Although I agree that the “hype” for the games is a little vanilla, I simply have to


Simmering Judgments – Hot Chef-On-Chef Action

My epiphany:br /br /If you can’t incorporate your hobby – or at least parts of it – into your daily work, you’re missing out on injecting span style=”font-weight: bold;”TRUE/span passion into your life and /br /This revelation came to me after dinner with my wife and


You Can’t Defeat Good Branding

Although actual “branding” is a somewhat passive, cerebral concept; this weekend, it jumped up and knocked me on my (cerebral) butt – ultimately making me declare that being employed in the marketing and communications industry is making me stupid. Or maybe it was as simple as “You


Time Hasn’t Been So Friendly, Friend

Now, this post may not apply to all of you, but for those that recognize this guy… read on. Web Site Rule #32: A web site is a living thing – one that needs constant love and attention. Okay, you’ve been in business for a few good


Look Ma’ … I’m Different!

In Marty Neumier’s book, “The Brand Gap,” he specifically points out “differentiation” as a primary discipline – requiring special attention. Although I agree that brand differentiation is important, I have to constantly remind myself AND my clients, simply being different really doesn’t cut it. Our brains are

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