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Just Do Your Damn Job Already

Politicians… I hate ‘em. They offend me. They make me want to punch something – like a shih-tzu (although they already look like someone got there before me). Politicians spew, expound, wax poetic, twist, massage, and congeal the language that I cherish into convenient, little, sound bites


A (Baker’s) Dozen Ways to “Tech Up” in 2009

Welcome to 2009! Man, it’s been a pretty wild ride. Think of it… a short skip back, just five years, shows us that America can completely bungle a Presidential election and live (so far) to tell the tale. Counting errors blamed on both computers and humans made


Look At What You’re Saying.

A picture is worth a thousand words. We’ve all been told that since we could speak. But, what if you turned it around. Have you ever wondered what our thousands of words actually portray? Let’s take a look… I write – sometimes all day, every day –


How “Corporate” Do You Like Your Social Media

Over the past several days I’ve been having conversations with my fellow Twitter-ers about the aspect of Corporate Social Media and its role in this new world of communications and brand extension. Many of them, as I, agree that the ease and accessibility of social media tools


Eavesdropping On Your Customers?

It’s not that I condone listening to others talk while in restaurants (guilty). Nor do I condone wiretapping or spying (no comment). But when developing marketing plans or strategy for clients, I like to get as much information – fill in the who’s what’s where’s why’s and


Building Blocks For A Stronger Brand

Steve Woodruff over at Sticky Figure recently posted the story of “A Boy and his Legos.” It’s a sweet, simple tale of a boy who, on his 7th birthday, receives a cool new box of Legos that, once assembled, is supposed to be one of those exciting


Cooking 101 – Turn The Flame Down

A slow, steady simmer will always result better, infused flavor and richness over thrusting your meal into a white-hot, roaring flame (think 5-star restaurant vs. campfire jamboree). The same theory applies to your marketing program. If your marketing budget goes up in smoke because you tried to


Marketing Mistakes – A Baker’s Dozen

Over the years, I’ve seen some incredibly successful marketing campaigns and some pretty dismal ones. Two questions I’m continually asked are: “What works?” and, conversely, “What doesn’t?” My answer is usually something along the lines of “It depends,” which is usually followed by the ubiquitous blank stare…


Negative P.R. Is Still P.R…. Right?

PETA. Sometimes that’s enough to understand why I titled this post as I did. But yesterday I read Jack Neff’s article in Advertising Age and simply had to comment. It seems as though PETA Exec VP Tracy Reiman sent a letter directly to Ben Cohen and Jerry


This Rump Is Brought To You By…

Remember back, just a few years, a cartoon with Daffy Duck where he pulls his tail feathers up and exposes, emblazoned in all its glory, the WB logo – smack dab on his protruding rump? As a kid, (and admittedly, even now) I thought a logo on

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