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Recipe For Success… Lawyers, Brand Thyself!

I ran by an article this morning on (no idea how I got there). In it, I was intrigued by the dichotomy that law students or law grads have struggled with forever – Law can be a VERY profitable career, BUT it’s frowned upon to aggressively


More Coffee With That Morning Paper?

As most of you know, I’m an avid fan of cartooning, satire, and the art – simply for the genuine fun that the industry provides. Master illustrator/satirists from Charles Schultz, Berkeley Breathed and Gary Trudeau to our local Brian Duffy have been staples of my required reading


Building Blocks For A Stronger Brand

Steve Woodruff over at Sticky Figure recently posted the story of “A Boy and his Legos.” It’s a sweet, simple tale of a boy who, on his 7th birthday, receives a cool new box of Legos that, once assembled, is supposed to be one of those exciting


This Rump Is Brought To You By…

Remember back, just a few years, a cartoon with Daffy Duck where he pulls his tail feathers up and exposes, emblazoned in all its glory, the WB logo – smack dab on his protruding rump? As a kid, (and admittedly, even now) I thought a logo on


Water, Water Everywhere…

In a post in this morning’s Freakonomics section of the New York Times, authors Stephen Dunber and Steven Levitt pose the question, “Is Water Too Cheap?” Their post, based on economist David Zetland’s argument on California’s water problem, outlines a restructuring of water pricing that would “punish


Has This Brand Protection Thing Gone Too Far?

I have a bit of a rant to make for this post… In a recent article found through the Wired Blog Network, it seems as though T-Mobile has claimed they own the color magenta. …really. And with expected big business “my ‘PEN’ is bigger than yours” force,


Sizzling Legal Confusion?

On the front page of Friday’s Des Moines Register, columnist Abby Simons writes about a trademark infringement case based on our own Iowa Lottery. It seems as though the lawyers from Sizzler International, the “high-brow” Sizzler steak restaurant chain, have sent a cease-and-desist request based on trademark


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