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Word-Of-Mouth At Light Speed

Having worked in the restaurant industry through most of my adolescence and into my early 20’s, I was well aware of the old adage that went something like: If a single upset customer tells 10 friends about an unsatisfactory experience, it’s conceivable those 10 friends could perpetuate


Post 2 Post: Jack’s Notebook by Gregg Fraley (part of the Simmering Judgments Series)

I’m kind of a quirky guy. I don’t like reading fiction. Now, as a “Right-Brainer” you’d expect me to really dig fiction. But for the longest time, my Barnes & Noble receipts have been filled with non-fiction. Most of the time, my reading list looks like some


Water, Water Everywhere…

In a post in this morning’s Freakonomics section of the New York Times, authors Stephen Dunber and Steven Levitt pose the question, “Is Water Too Cheap?” Their post, based on economist David Zetland’s argument on California’s water problem, outlines a restructuring of water pricing that would “punish


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