Are You Ready For Socialnomics™?

Explain to your parents the fascination you have with social media.  Better yet, explain the advantages of social media MARKETING to a company CEO, CFO, CMO or any number of other CxO’s.  They’ll stare at you like some kind of snake oil salesman.

Better yet, give them the word “Socialnomics™,”  and just watch their eyes roll into the back of their heads.

What is Socialnomics™?  It’s the economy stupid (thank you Mr. Carville).

I found this POWERFUL video by Erik Qualman (@equalman) over at my blogger-buddy, Chris Wilson’s (@freshpeel) blog.

If you haven’t made the connection between social media (teens on MySpace and Facebook) and Social Media Marketing (companies building brand comminities using these platforms), then you MUST watch this video.

(Feed readers and facebookers, click here to see the video…  it’s amazing!)

I wish I’d had the foresight to create and trademark the word “Socialnomics™,”  but kudos to Erik for being the pioneer.  And thanks to Chris for posting it.

Do you get it now?  Are you ready for Socialnomics™? (You better be.)

Keep Cooking!
Andrew B. Clark
The Brand Chef