“iPod Am I…”

A week-or-so ago, I had a quick Twitter conversation with Terry Starbucker comparing play lists on our iPods. I asked him if what we had on our iPods helped to define our personal brands. Here’s the conversation (top down)

In subsequent tweets I’ve seen by Terry mention artists such as Neil Diamond, Elton John, The Bee Gees as well as an overwhelming compilation of music trivia and general musicology.

So, what did this tell me about Terry’s personal brand?

He has a propensity for lightheartedness and is a complete nerd (Yoda-speak?). He’s open, caring and sentimental (Doris Day). He’s passionate (AC/DC to Elton John). He grew up listening to the best FM radio the 1970’s could offer (Neil Diamond, Bee Gees). And finally, he has a thirst for knowledge and sharing knowledge with ANYONE that will participate.

Does his iPod reflect his personal brand? Yes. And if you read his blog or followed him on Twitter, you’d agree. (I’ve GOT to meet this guy face-to-face!)

So, with that, I’ve taken a closer look at my own iPod. Just how would it define my personal brand?

Here’s what I found…

From a content standpoint, you’ll find everything from Mozart, Vivaldi and Rachmaninoff to Jimi Hendrix, The Band, and Led Zeppelin. Heck, I even have some Plain White Tees and Gnarls Barkley thrown in there. On any given rotation you may hear Jimmy Durante’s “Make Someone Happy” and have it followed up by Steve Vai (as with my trip into work this AM).

What can this tell me about my personal brand? Diversified? Flexible? How about Creative? Open-Minded?

One thing that really stood out was the balance of “rockin’, driving, pulse-pushing songs” to the more “serene, cerebral and melodic tunes” tallied up at about 3 to 1 in favor of the melodic. Meaning?!? Sensitive? Reflective? Moody? Emotional? Sure… I could see that. How about Cerebral? Intelligent? Maybe.

Now, my iPod is organized. I mean ridiculously organized. I have broken down 7,875 songs into play lists by Genre, by Date, and then I have those broken down by Artist (starting with 4 Non Blondes and Adam Ant and rolling through Nirvana, No Doubt and Nora Jones to Yanni, Yes, and Yo-Yo Ma). I’ve also begun to break them down in order of preference (by # of stars), but I’m finding that hard because from day-to-day my opinion of a song or artist changes… (e.g. Andrew Lloyd Webber has good and bad days, but The Beatles will always be 4-stars).

So, how does this define my personal brand? Organized? Detail-Oriented? Methodical?

What do you think? Have I defined (at least a snapshot of) my personal brand? For those that know me personally, did I hit the nail on the head? For those that know me professionally, how did I do? In all actuality, I’m a Schizophrenic with OCD! (Or something very close)

Take a look at your iPod/Mp3 player. I think you’ll be surprised with how well it defines YOUR personal brand. Tell us all how your iPod defines you.

Better yet, if your company had a play list, who would we find on it? Howard Jones? Melissa Etheridge? Or something closer to Frank Zappa?

Thanks, Terry, for letting me pick on you.

Until next time –

Keep Cooking!
Andrew B. Clark
— The Brand Chef

Yoda Image Credit: SwordChucksYo