Has Your (Store) Brand Awareness Changed?

Having had a LOT of experience working with “Private Label” branding, I realize the reputations (or lack thereof) that “lower shelf” brands had when compared to national brand quality was a very sore subject for all – from the CEO’s to the lowly package designer (yours truly).  But in this economy, many stores and private label manufacturers are realizing that opportunity really does start with “R.” (Recession)…

target3I LOVE how this Nielsen wire article positions store brands (or private label)…  as the national brand (perceived as over-priced) solution as economic alternative.  They illustrate how stores like SUPERVALU have stepped up their efforts to provide “National Brand Quality” (NBQ?) with pumped up research, technology, and refined development.

“It was clear from the start that the facility itself is just part of the story. SUPERVALU has assembled a dream team of experienced product development specialists from across the industry. Many of the top managers moved to Minnesota from out of state, betting their careers on the success of the “Our Own Brands” program. Every person I talked to that day seemed convinced that they were working on something special.”

Think about how your shopping habits have changed.  Do you still buy national brand cookies, ice cream, or even bread? Do you still spit out up to 50% more for so-called quality clothing?  Do you shop more at TARGET than Eddie Bauer (and which one is talking bankruptcy)?

Food for thought…

Andrew B. Clark
— The Brand Chef

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