Happy New Year 2008! No, Really…


Why do we have to make them on New Years Day? I have made resolutions on days ranging from February 4th (my wedding anniversary) to September 3rd (birthday), and all it really comes down to is honesty – honesty in your decision to resolve an issue and honesty with yourself and the others that decision may affect.

As the New Year rolls in, my kids all asked me if I was going to be making any resolutions for 2008. Now, although I think this was done with the prompting of my loving wife, I really had to sit down and decide what resolutions I was going to make for 2008.

In July, I resolved to improve my career… done.
In September, I resolved to re-finish my son’s bedroom… done.
In November, I resolved to create a stronger bond with my faith… working on that one.
In December, I resolved to quit eating so much junk and start working out again… working on that one too (the holidays kill me… I LOVE TO COOK!).

There are always opportunities to act upon. If I were to make a list of resolutions today, within 30 days, those resolutions would be changed simply by daily influences. So, I resolve to not make any resolutions for the year 2008.

So what was my response to my kids?

Well, (kids), I’m much more productive making smaller strokes (focused) as resolutions throughout the year than to create one, massive, overwhelming task. Although I will try to be a better dad, husband, brother, son, co-worker, friend and human (in general), that’s something I should try to do EVERY DAY.

So, how do you handle your resolutions? Do you make one every January 1st, or do you make smaller, more focused resolutions as opportunities, events and situations require?

I do have a handful of resolutions for the upcoming year. Some are obvious (diet, exercise, more blogging, etc.), and others are personal (family, self, God), but the best resolution I can think of was posted by a blogging friend/idol of mine, Dean Hunt.

Just Do It. Sounds familiar, huh?

Happy New Year, EVERYONE. I hope you ALL have a great 2008.

Keep Cooking!