Get-Going Grooves – Volume 1

gggotdvol1Music is part of my personal brand.  I’ve written about it before. But for the last six months I’ve created quite a significant illustration of that particular personal brand trait.

As a little joke/hat-tip to my friend, Terry Starbucker, I started tweeting about what was rolling off of my iPod.  Some times it was in the middle of the day.  Some times it was after lunch.  But after a few weeks, I realized most of my melodic tweets took place first thing in the morning.


Music DRIVES me.  I don’t care if it’s the classic William Tell Overture or a smooth George Michael track, or even the mind-bending, screaming Velvet Revolver; music is never far from my ears.  It’s part of my brand.

So, virtually every morning, from early September 2009, to this morning, I have turned on my iPod and the first song (sometimes the second or third – ’cause who wants to get going to The Wiggles or Raffi?) that rolls off the virtual turntable becomes my “Get-Going groove of the day.”

Music moves me.  And strange enough, I’ve found many of YOU have responded as well. Countless times, I’ve been asked to provide play-lists of my grooves.  I’ve burnt a quite a few of CDs for friends. And I realize The Get-Going groove of the day has touched more than my own personal brand.  Heck, I get emails and direct messages if I’ve forgotten, or the groovy tweet has been delayed even a half hour, so someone has been affected…

So here you go.  The first volume of The Brand Chef’s Get-going groove of the day is listed below. (Tracks/links and Tweets!)


Piggies – The Beatles:
My Get-Going groove of the day (Saturday Edition): LINK – I’m not sure what’s more disturbing… the song or the video… WOW.

Brick House – The Commodores:
My Get-Going groove of the day: LINK – Lionel before he went to the dark side… WHAT A GROOVE FOR FRIDAY! Have a GREAT DAY!

It Hurts Me Too – Eric Clapton:
My Get-Going groove of the day: LINK – Great attitude tune for the gloomy day! Grrrrrrrr!

Jump Jive An’ Wail – Brian Setzer Orchestra:
My Get-Going groove of the day: LINK — came up on the iPod on the treadmill Sunday… So, I cranked the pace to 9! (dumb)

Carry on Wayward Son – Kansas:
My Get-Going groove of the day: LINK — great 70’s “rock your soul” motivation —> ’nuff said…

Soul Vaccination – Tower of Power:
My Get-Going groove of the day: LINK Since my arm STILL hurts from yesterday’s flu shot… Time to get FUNKY!

Here I Am – Lyle Lovett:
My Get-Going groove of the day: LINK – only album I’ve ever purchased that is remotely close to country… The guy has STYLE!

Life is Wonderful – Jason Mraz:
My Get-Going groove of the day: LINK – One of my new favorite songs… Something to remember EVERY DAY!

Battle of Who Could Care Less – Ben Folds Five:
My Get-Going groove of the day: LINK — Okay Monday, take that…

Pump It Up – Elvis Costello:
My Get-Going groove of the day: LINK – the week is almost over… Maybe Elvis can help us get there?

Rock and Roll is Dead – Lenny Kravitz:
My Get-Going groove of the day: LINK — A little gritty groove for the Monday blues… Get up and get moving!

Basket Case – Green Day:
My Get-Going groove of the day : LINK A little pop-punk in the hope that this will clear the gloom from the morning. And GO!

Working Man – Rush:
My Get-Going groove of the day: LINK … kind of appropriate on a day like today?

Bicycle Race – Queen:
My Get-Going groove of the day: LINK — so much innuendo for so early on a Monday morning… ?

Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m yours – Stevie Wonder:
My Get-Going groove of the day: LINK — Classic Stevie…

Something – Paul McCartney (Concert for George):
My Get-Going groove of the day: LINK – From the Concert for George … Watch the whole video… Heartbreaking & inspiring.

I’ll continue to post the Get-going groove of the day – every day possible – to my Twitter and Facebook accounts.  Why?  ‘Cause every day needs a little groove… So stay tuned (every day around 8am) for more!

Until next time…

Keep Cooking! (tasty tunes to tickle your tail lights…)
Andrew B. Clark
The Brand Chef

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