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Have I Got a Deal for You! (or ¡Tengo conseguí un reparto para usted!)

In an AdAge article, posted this morning, General Motors Chairman, Rick Wagoner told newspaper publishers that the automaker was reviewing the option of changing promotional strategies from the readily recognizable, but often overlooked, “Everything is On Sale” approach to more of a story-telling, advertorial one. He also


Like a A Date with a Caveman

I’m sure it’s a debate that’s been going on since cave paintings, pictograms and grunts were used for communication. Does the visual image impact the targeted market more than the content and the subsequent data received from the campaign? (although I’m sure Alley Oop didn’t phrase it


Lost in the Message… or Lack Thereof?

I’ve become so enamored with blogging and blog writing, that in my daily review of blogs, I often times run across specific entries or even entire Blogs that simply knock me over… I sit there and scream at my monitor, “Oh! I wish I would have written


Before providing the “A,” have you asked the right “Q?”

How well do we really know our clients? Employees? Family? What was their favorite toy as a child? What was their worst haircut? What was their first job? – All questions that, upon first thought, may not seem to have much impact on your task at hand


Alfred Rocks!

I’d rather be Alfred than Batman… Superheroes… Cops and Robbers… Cowboys and Indians… Whatever the genre, I’m sure we all have fond childhood memories of strapping a beach towel around your neck and chasing after the “bad guys,” leaping from pic nic tables and flying through the


Chihuahua’s Taking Over!

So the conversation always leads to “I don’t market because my budget is so much smaller…” Without blinking, I site an article that I recently read, “Why Small Marketers Need to Reach for the Stars.” I can’t justify that comment when realizing that the small companies of


Like Tinfoil on your teeth

According to Harris interactive, the ever stable and eternally present Reynolds Wrap (Alcoa) won out in a nation-wide survey tracking the brand viability and strength in the American home consumer market – eclipsing other brands such as Hershey’s, Kleenex Clorox and, yes, even Coke, iPod and the


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