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Jonathan Fields is an author…
That’s where it all started for me.
I read his book, Uncertainty, Turning Fear and Doubt Into Fuel for Brilliance. And for those that know me, I NEEDED it. I can’t say it changed my life. I’ve personally understood what he wrote in the […]


Is It Branding Or Just Bacon?

I sat back in my chair at Caribou this morning looking over a dark roast and a french toast muffin (a MUST try, by the way), thinking about the next post for The Brand Chef blog. I’ve written extensively about branding, personal branding and social media marketing. […]


Character Counts In Business Too

Can BP and other major corporations say that their company character is aligned with their brand? There’s an important connection. When the two support each other, everyone wins!


Under A Social Media Spell?

Look deeply into my eyes… you are feeling veeeery sleepy… sleeeeepy… deeeeper… deeeeeeeeper… relax and let the social media mystique take you to a happier place. Deeeeper…
Yeah, sometimes I feel like social media has cast some kind of spell over businesses, specifically […]


So Big You’re… PLURAL?

There’s something I don’t understand.  If you’re a freelancer or an independent businessperson, why would your Web site or your marketing collateral consistently refer to “We” and “Our” (as in OUR services include… and WE are located in…, etc.)?  Is it a ploy to “sound” bigger than […]


Good Branding… It’s In The Eye Of The Beholder

(or…  lighten up already)
Tell me, just who does your brand relate to?
Good branding is subjective.  “A good brand” is completely based on the perspective of its target audience.
One group of people can stand in a room and rip a brand from head-to-toe for everything from disconnected positioning, […]


5 Things I Hate About Branding Experts

Walk in to virtually any ad agency and you’ll find ‘em.  They’re usually in distressed jeans, flat, cordovan shoes with an un-tucked shirt and strategically ever-so-slightly messed hair.  Male, female… doesn’t matter, the only difference may be the thickness of stubble above the neck.  They make themselves […]


Your Marketing Can’t Fix Crazy…

Yes, I said it. As “The Brand Chef,” that’s something I never thought would come out of my mouth.  But in a recent meeting with a friend, I closed my laptop, pushed my chair back and looked him straight in the eye and said these exact words:
“Your […]


3 Questions You Need To Ask

Social media tools are easy to acquire…  Sure.  But just like a sharp knife, you may not want to hand it over to any shlub that walks into the kitchen.  If your company wants to start cooking up some social media marketing, you’d better be ready […]


It’s Good Business, And It’s All About People.

Do you know anyone that you’d call a “Go-Getter?” Yeah, that guy/gal that always seems to be working on getting results at virtually any cost?  Sure, I know ‘em quite well. I know, because I have always been one… A “do-er,” as one employer labeled me.  I […]

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