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10 Takeaways From Inside Interactive, Phoenix ‘08

This weekend, The Brand Chef traded in the ‘ol toque blanche for something closer to a mortarboard. I just returned form a weekend seminar hosted by The Agency Management Roundtable on the workings and strategic approach to building an interactive agency. As promised, (via Twitter) I wanted


8th Grade Was NEVER So Cool!

I have some fellow bloggers (Angela and Mike) that are big… no… HUGE advocates for the use of advanced technology in the classroom. They counsel and coach educators, businesses, boards, parents and just about anyone that will listen on the advantages of learning through advanced technology –


Cooking 101 – Turn The Flame Down

A slow, steady simmer will always result better, infused flavor and richness over thrusting your meal into a white-hot, roaring flame (think 5-star restaurant vs. campfire jamboree). The same theory applies to your marketing program. If your marketing budget goes up in smoke because you tried to


Marketing Mistakes – A Baker’s Dozen

Over the years, I’ve seen some incredibly successful marketing campaigns and some pretty dismal ones. Two questions I’m continually asked are: “What works?” and, conversely, “What doesn’t?” My answer is usually something along the lines of “It depends,” which is usually followed by the ubiquitous blank stare…


Negative P.R. Is Still P.R…. Right?

PETA. Sometimes that’s enough to understand why I titled this post as I did. But yesterday I read Jack Neff’s article in Advertising Age and simply had to comment. It seems as though PETA Exec VP Tracy Reiman sent a letter directly to Ben Cohen and Jerry


This Rump Is Brought To You By…

Remember back, just a few years, a cartoon with Daffy Duck where he pulls his tail feathers up and exposes, emblazoned in all its glory, the WB logo – smack dab on his protruding rump? As a kid, (and admittedly, even now) I thought a logo on


Sharing As A Networking Tool

I have seen some pretty heavy-handed attempts at networking. I think we’ve all experienced it, from telemarketers to Chamber functions and “that guy” that just won’t back down. Over at The Society for Word of Mouth, Ulla Jones offered up a simple, yet profound slogan to remember


The Long Tale

Yesterday I turned 40. Yep. On September 3rd, 1968, at 8:20 p.m., a much younger, less gray A.B. and Jane Clark screeched into Mercy Hospital panting, sweating and screaming because their newest son, A.B. Jr. (never stuck) was about to join the world. Habited nun/nurses shushed my


A TRUE Thanks to Chef Richard Blais!

I wanted to send a quick “Thank You” to Chef Richard Blais for featuring my TRUE Branding reviews (here and here) in the “Press” section of his website. It’s a true honor to have this acknowledgment. To get this “nod” from someone I admire as an innovator


Can You Jump A Generation Gap?

In a recent post by Mike Sansone over at, a couple of videos (example below – feed readers, click through to The Brand Chef) illustrated the vast differentiation in information resource vehicles and how generations have changed the way they acquire information. Although the post was

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