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It’s Good Business, And It’s All About People.

Do you know anyone that you’d call a “Go-Getter?” Yeah, that guy/gal that always seems to be working on getting results at virtually any cost?  Sure, I know ’em quite well. I know, because I have always been one… A “do-er,” as one employer labeled me.  I


A Nip Here, A Tuck There…

Sure…  every now-and-then, a brand needs to be “refreshed.”  But just like plastic surgery, “refreshing” a brand and completely rebuilding are two completely different things (think Kenny Rogers or Bruce Jenner).  Care needs to be taken not to destroy your brand integrity while maintaining your current brand


“Advertising Agency” As A Brand?

“Open the kimono” is a phrase that I once heard, loosely meaning “everyone should share data. There should be no secrets between those in the meeting. As in a Japanese wife showing her husband her naked body by opening her silk robe or kimono.” Of course, this


10 Tips for Improving Your Customer Engagement

They were once a prospect…. then a lead… then a presentation opportunity… Then… well, you know the routine. But now that you’ve landed this whale (for lack of a better term), what happens? You’ve finally contracted with this client. Does the attention to this particular fish scale


Seduction Should Be Part Of The Conversation

“Oh my God, that was the most boring presentation I’ve ever had the ill fortune to attend. And I really wanted to know more about {enter subject here}…” Have you ever said anything like that? Have you ever picked up a brochure or searched out a specific


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