AIGA – Get A Job Bootcamp 2013

I remember the day I sat with my class at DMACC listening to the industry professionals speak on what the the job market looked like for designers and how to best position yourself to be hired in a “very competitive 1991/92 job market.” I was terrified. Resume? How could I have a resume when I’ve only bussed tables or tended bar in my father’s restaurant for the past 6 summers? And a portfolio? C’mon!  I was sitting there with 30 other kids that had the SAME. EXACT. PROJECTS. Each one designed to precise specifications of our instructors’ and deviated NOT. ONE. BIT.

So much for creative expression in 1992.

That was 21 years ago, and boy, I many of the tips and tricks those “experts of design and communications” blessed our class with in 1992 have either been locked away in some deep, hidden cells somewhere in my subconscious, or just burnt out altogether  Because when Kate Corman from the Iowa Chapter of AIGA asked me to come speak at the Get A Job Bootcamp for 2013, I really had a hard time deciding what I’d say to these young creatives.

So I thought logically…

Okay, “Brand Chef,” what empirical knowledge can you possibly give these kids that will change their lives for the better and prepare them to step out of the relative comfort of college life into the cold, unforgiving world of graphic design and marketing communications?

So here it is…  I applied the TRUE Branding model to personal branding through learning and self understanding.  Not only would it prepare them for a future of brand discernment (looking for jobs and positioning THEMSELVES as the candidates); it would introduce them to a simple formula to better define virtually every decision making process they may struggle with in the future.


Much of this information, I consider to be common sense, but knowing how I thought in 1992, a little common sense was fitting for the presentation.
Basically, I said… “Keep learning.”
Never stop. Because when you stop learning, you stop growing. In this technology-driven society, it’s not going to be the ones with the best resumes and portfolios that succeed in business. It’s going to be the ones that can adapt, learn and execute with real innovation that excels their companies PAST the competition to win.
Congratulations to all that attended the AIGA Get a Job Bootcamp this year. I hope my input was valuable and will be put to good use.
As always…
Keep Cooking,
Andrew B. Clark
The Brand Chef